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Happy Earth Day. Favorites.

Happy Earth Day! Last Saturday my hubby and I stumbled across an Earth Day Fair in the park next to our condo- which I loves fairs AND we had Euclid (our three legged pom) with us who draws a bunch of attention (he’s just so darn cute I tell ya!).

Anyway- I’m a big fan of natural and organic products (I think I have might have mentioned that… lol) so I thought I would gather up some of my favorite natural brands for you in honor of Earth Day. :)


1 |  love&toast

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Their beautiful packaging, natural ingredients, and fantastic fragrances- it is really hard to not love this brand (plus they are based in Denver, CO… home pride!)!

2 |  karma organic spa

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Did you think it was possible to have a nail polish remover that doesn’t smell?? Well it is possible and Karma Organic Spa has it. :)

3 |  dr. bronner’s

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Okay- if you have heard of or seen Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap (their Pure-Castille Soap) you really should check them out. They have probably the best shampoo/body soap ever. AND it is sulfate free friends.

4 |  pacifica

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I personally thought that Pacifica was mainly lotions and the like- but they offer so much more. Makeup, nail polish, fragrances… all vegan and cruelty free.

5 |  desert essence

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Desert Essence is one of my favorite shampoo and conditioner suppliers- I love that they offer you the selection that you find with other brands that aren’t so organic so you can still find the perfect hair products for you hair type.

6 |  shamanuti

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This is a newer brand for me- I very very recently discovered it. I’ve been searching for a solid, all-natural facial cleanser with charcoal in it and Shamanuti offers one of the best ones I have tried.

7 |  burt’s bees

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Oldie but goodie right? There is no comparing to their awesome awesome lip balms. Absolute must have and classic.

8 |  acure

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A polished and very ‘cutting edge’ – Acure has some of the more unique ingredients with potent effects all while being free from cruelty and nasty chemicals.

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