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Focus and Balance.


I’m going to shock you all and say life has been soooooo busy. Yeah. I don’t know if you remember this post a couple months ago – but I noticed that cursed word busy is starting to creep into my life and my vocabulary again.

What with being sick and running around to multiple weddings (we are going to a wedding this Friday… and I was just at one March 29) and being one man down at work (my coworker had a baby! woo!) and being kind of sucked into Breaking Bad (boo Walter White… I just can’t cheer for him friends… he’s crazy) and… everything else (like oh… grocery shopping and doing laundry and exercising and sleeping).

My balance has been way way off.

I’m trying to take a couple deep breaths and focus. This seems to happen every once in a while… and its alright. I think it is a weird way of my body, mind, and soul kind of begging for a restart and a reevaluation.


Life is fluid. Sometimes it changes bit by small bit slowly… other times one tiny little moment changes everything… but life always changes. Ground breaking revelation? Nope. I have to remind myself of that all the time though when I start to notice the busy word creep into my life and everything feels out of balance and out of control.

Did I fail in my pursuit to live a balanced life? No… but life changed and the way I was balancing everything a few months ago doesn’t work quite right anymore.

This is a pretty normal thing (for just me?)- just like life is about balancing. Balancing is a verb and its active. It takes time and effort and practice and patience.  So all that being said- I hope you can bear with me as I balance and focus on what is important to me.

I’m feeling happy and excited about the future! I definitely am feeling invigorated and fresh… now I just need to get through this last darned season of Breaking Bad (which my husband is super hooked on) and get all my laundry folded so I have something to wear that’s not wrinkled to the rehearsal dinner tomorrow. ;)


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