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stila Sweet Treat Bronzing Powder.

Now- I’m not a ‘bronzer’ kind of person. It takes me forever to use up a bronzer- I basically use it like a base for my blush and then to add a tiny tiny bit of contouring to my face. I rock my pale skin (I just don’t tan friends… it just doesn’t happen) and I feel like having a ‘bronzed’ face with every other inch of skin on my body pale just doesn’t work. Anyway- that was my disclaimer about how sparingly I use my bronzer… so when I ran out I suddenly felt a little conflicted on whether or not I would purchase a new one. This Sweet Treat Bronzing Powder by stila was a spur-of-the-moment, it-caught-my-eye purchase at the cash register at ULTA. It is a great bronzer and is particularly perfect for my needs. It is a buildable bronzer that really compliments my peachy blush. My old bronzer- I had to be really careful to not get to much on my brush because it went on a lot stronger right off the bat. This one I feel like I have quite a bit more control how dark it comes across. It adds nice depth and color to my face that keeps me from looking a little… vampire-y (minus the over the top sparkle).

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S H O P | stila Sweet Treat Bronzing Powder : $14

*please note- I did not receive any compensation for the review of this product.*

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