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Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. I hadn’t really thought about it much… my husband mentioned it yesterday night asking me what I wanted to do to celebrate.

Now- we have a wedding we are going to on Valentine’s Day so we are not going to be celebrating on the actual day of Valentines. We are fine with that though- we have only celebrated on the actual day of Valentine’s Day once (when we were dating) and it was a bit crazy. So we haven’t celebrated the day of since. Now tell me… do you celebrate the day of? Or do you celebrate at all?

I do love to find fun cards to give to my hubby so I started looking around and found these fun cards that I had to share with all of you.

valentinecards_0000_squeezeyou Squeeze You So Hard Card // BHLDN // $6.00

valentinecards_0001_layinbed There Is Nobody Else Card // etsy // $4.50

valentinecards_0005_lobster You’re My Lobster Card // BHLDN // $8.00

valentinecards_0002_jerks And They Said It Wouldn’t Last Card // etsy // $4.50

valentinecards_0002_everydaymagic Everyday Magic Card // BHLDN // $6.00

valentinecards_0000_stupidface I Love Your Stupid Face Card // etsy // $4.50

valentinecards_0003_alwaysyou It Was Always You Card // BHLDN // $8.00

valentinecards_0003_forfriend Valentine For My Amazing Single Friend Card // etsy // $4.50

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