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First Rate Version of Yourself.


Oh heavens- comparison kills me and it completely slaughters my self confidence. Maybe I assume to much- but it seems as if we live in a culture of comparison. I have started to recognize it in myself everywhere I go- it can get to a point where I am never happy with where I am at currently in my life. All I think about are how I don’t compare to those around me.

My body is not built like anyone else’s… my skills and life experiences match no one else’s. I really truly have to focus on perfecting my strengths not comparing my weaknesses with someone else’s strength. I have to focus of being healthy… not on the size clothes that I can or cannot squeeze into.

I loved this quote when I stumbled across it and had to share it.


And bonus! You can download this as a iPhone background just like last time.

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    Shannon S.
    February 3, 2014 at 9:12 am

    amen! every woman’s issue if we don’t focus on Christ!

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