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DIY. Add a Little Greenery.


I feel weird calling this a DIY. This centerpiece has been sitting on my table since I received it as a wedding gift (four years ago now) and I have been wanting to find a new one as I’ve started redecorating for our new condo. I’m on a budget now though and I felt inspired after Christmas when I wrapped green garland around it.

So for only five dollars for the fake greenery and a super easy diy – I updated my simple centerpiece to something perfect. :)

2014_0121_greenery2  2014_0121_greenery3

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(per bracelet)

connector charm (of your style and choice)
centerpiece/item you want to update
wire cutters
fake greenery

Q U I C K N O T E :
the fake greenery usually has several ‘branches’ you want to make sure the separate branches can wrap around the base of your centerpiece.


Step by step

1 // separate out the branches of the fake greenery and lay it out around the base of the centerpiece to plan where and which of the branches you are going to connect together.

2 // with the wire – twist it as tightly as possible around all of the separate pieces of the greenery and connect them all into one single circle piece that wraps around the centerpiece.

See!! Soooo simple but adds a great pop! :D

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