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DIY. Simple Bracelet.


I love creating things. When I was very young my mother spent a lot of time creating her own jewelry- I would watch in awe as she would use beautiful beads and wire and tiny little pliers to create something lovely. She slowly stopped jewelry making- but she moved on to other hobbies (all of which included her creating something with her hands). I spent all my childhood watching her create things and I loved it.

I have been missing creating things with my hands- but I don’t have the time to spend hours on a single project. I am a very focused person and I have a really really hard time putting a half completed project down (then I also have a really hard time picking it back up because I get super focused on something else). So I’ve started to look for fun and easy projects that I can quickly do in an evening after work and then a little bit longer projects that I do during a weekend.

This simple and classic bracelet takes very little time. In fact – I can create a couple of them in less than thirty minutes! Piece of cake.

diy_simplebracelet_silver diy_simplebracelet_purple diy_simplebracelet_goldlong diy_simplebracelet_golddetail


(per bracelet)

connector charm (of your style and choice)
4 small jump rings
1 large jump ring
1 closure (of your choice – i used a lobster claw)
jewelry cable chain (at least 21 inches)
needle nose pliers
wire cutter
bent needle nose pliers (optional)

Q U I C K N O T E :
connector charms are specific (and necessary for this project) – they have two loops on either side thus they are used to connect chains/charms/etc. together. they are not too hard to find in the jewelry section of your craft store.
bent needle nose pliers are completely optional – i use them to hold on to the tiny jump rings while I’m opening/closing them with the needle nose pliers.


Step by step

1 // measure the cable chain around your wrist to know where to cut – you can make it pretty tight because you are adding length with the jump rings, clasp, and the charm.

2 // cut three pieces from the cable chain all the same length to the length you measured from your wrist.

3 // attach on end from each of the three chain on to one of your small jump rings. repeat on the other ends of the chains with another small jump ring.

4 // attach the large jump ring to one of the jump rings attached to your chains.

5 // attach the clasp to the other jump ring attached to your chains.

6 // cut all three chains right in the middle – so you end up with two pieces (one with the clasp on one end and the other with the large jump ring on one end)

7 // attach one of your last two small jump rings to the three loose ends from one of your now two pieces. don’t close the jump yet.

8 // before closing the jump ring from the last step attach the charm to the jump and then close the jump ring.

9 // repeat steps 7 and 8 with the other piece of the bracelet – completing your bracelet.

10 // viola! a simple and classy bracelet.

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