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Glorifying Busy.


Recently I have noticed a particular phrase popping up around me. I say it all the time and the people I talk to say a lot. You know what you say – so how have you been? And inevitably the person responds – oh I’ve been so busy. how about you? And then I of course respond – same here. super busy.

Well I guess it hasn’t been recently… its been quite a while of that being the new standard intro conversation. At least in my little social circle it has almost completely replaced the – we’re good/fine/doing well – standard response.

B U S Y. We are all just so busy.

I kind of don’t like the implication of the word. It makes me think of when I was in grade school and my teacher would admonish the class for something by giving us busy work. We would get extra work of subjects we had already learned and mastered… but our time needed to be filled.

When I start to notice that word creep into my conversations, I also begin to notice that things around my house start to lose their order. My laundry goes unfolded and my dishes start to stack up in the sink. Busy has seem to become my personal code word for – I’m not managing my time well or I’m letting one area in my life overwhelming everything else.

I really want to stop being just busy. Life is about balance. I feel busy when I let myself get sucked into hours of tv time and put off the little chores around the house. I don’t feel busy though when I manage my time and make room for the little things that make me feel great about my space and my body (you know like making sure I get to the gym or simply cleaning up my dishes right after dinner instead of veg-ing on the couch). How about you?

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