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Holiday Gift Guide. Sustainable for Him.


Worry not! I did not forget about the men in your life- I have sustainable gift ideas for them as well.

Sometimes I find it a little harder to select gifts for men- I don’t have as much of a problem with my husband (its still not easiest thing). I guess was just raised by a man who always prefers function over… anything. So I had to be smart and creative with my gifts for him- I made him this silly little baseball themed bowl when I was a child for him to throw his loose change into at night and he kept it forever (to the point where I was able to feel embarrassed over the clumsily crafted bowl).

I discovered something at that moment- the more thoughtful and less commercialized the gift better it is for the men in my life. I try to make the gifts semi-usefull and I don’t ‘make’ things anymore. But I put effort and meaning into the picking out process… like cufflinks from the baseball stadium my father grew up going to for games (see…. its hard to not loving something with that sort of effort).



1. Clear Gray Marina Sunglasses . $85.00  /  2. Recycled Skateboard Strata Cuff Links . $78.00  /  3. Herban Men’s Shaving Set . $60.00  /  4. WeWOOD Date in Teak . $120.00  /  5. Recycled Skateboard Men’s Belt . $68.00  /  6. Tube Messenger Bag . $35.00  /  7. Bullet Casing Cufflinks . $80.00  /  8. peace cord bracelets . $10.00 – $15.00  /  9. Baseball Bat Bottle Openers . $85.00 – $125.00  /  10. Railroad Date Nail Cufflinks . $95.00  /  11. Cymbal Guitar Pick . $20.00

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