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Holiday Gift Spotlight. PadPillow.


I kind of can’t believe I am starting my holiday routine… I already have my wrapping station set up at home and I have several presents wrapped and ready for when I put the tree up. I’m not allowed to put up our Christmas decor until after Thanksgiving by decree of my handsome hubby- which I can understand why… but our neighborhood is already all decorated for the holidays so it is making me feel behind when really I’m actually doing really well and even a little ahead of schedule.

Anyway- that being said I have a pretty unique and surprisingly useful gift idea for anyone looking for something for that person in their life obsessed (mmm… maybe obsessed is a strong word) with their iPad (or tablet). Honestly- I had my doubts about it. It just seemed kind of over the top for an iPad stand- but I suppose it is specifically an iPad pillow.


The PadPillow is made by IPEVO and currently has over 110 Amazon 5-star reviews which is pretty impressive.  It is a simple foam/pillow stand for your tablet. The PadPillow has two positions – as it simple folds up and unfolds. What is really awesome about it though – is since it made of a soft foam and a cotton cover and bends and shapes and moves to fit how you are positioned (within in reason of course).

That fact that it fits pretty much any size and generation of iPad – or tablets in general – or magazines even… no joke I loved it while catching up on my stack of Real Simple. So there is no stress in worry about whether it will fit with whatever iPad or tablet that your recipient (or you… this doesn’t just have to be a gift) has.

You might have to worry about what color to choose though – they have six colors; Steve’s Blue Jeans (lol… also just simply known as blue), charcoal gray, light khaki (tan/taupe color), orange, honeysuckle (bright pink), and lemongrass (bright green).

The only drawback I found was that it is a bit bulky- but I haven’t really ever found the need to take out side of my house unless I’m going on a road trip (I don’t think I will take it on a trip that involves a plane – again just too bulky) for it was really nice during a long car ride.

I’m pretty much hooked at this point and I am not surprised that it is one of Amazon’s top selling holiday gifts– even after my initial moment of doubt. I use it all the time when I’m at home now and have no problem recommending it to you as a gift for family – anyone in your family. It is very easy to use and pretty much indestructible. Plus, the cover is removable and  machine-washable (you know for the little ones with their cute little sticky fingers).


Shop : $24.95

*please note- the PadPillow I used to test and write this review was provided to me courtesy of IPEVO*

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