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Adorn The Walls. Clare Elsaesser.


As I have started really settling into our new condo and I have been really compelled to find unique pieces to hang on my walls… my only problem is that I am horribly indecisive. I’m not sure why I have such a hard time settling on what to hang up in my home- but I am.

Currently at the very top of my list is Clare Elsaesser’s work that I discovered on etsy. I love the thick brushstrokes and the abstract (but very recognizable) imagery. My absolute favorite is My Home is the Sea and I keep picturing it in my upstairs bathroom above my tub. I just haven’t pulled the trigger and purchased it yet (I’m telling you… I’m so indecisive).

ClareElsaesser4 ClareElsaesser7 ClareElsaesser3 ClareElsaesser2 ClareElsaesser5 ClareElsaesser6

1. Two Pieces (original acrylic) . $400.00  /  2. Grew Into (16×20 giclee art print) . $65.00 /  3. You’re Next (5×7 giclee art print) . $15.00  /  4.  So Much (16×20 giclee art print) . $65.00  /  5. Married to the Sea (5×7 giclee art print) . $15.00  /  6. My Home is the Sea (12×16 giclee art print) . $45.00  /  7. Asleep (12×16 giclee art print) . $45.00

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  • Avatar
    November 8, 2013 at 7:51 am

    I am the same way. When I moved into our condo I thought I was going to do a gallery wall. hA yeah right? that was short lived. I was so indecisive about what art I wanted and then realized how much work it was going to take. I have one of Clare’s prints and love it – you should get one!

    • kynleymichal
      November 8, 2013 at 10:04 am

      Oh heavens! Yes- I told my husband I wanted to a gallery wall and he gave me this look (cause he knows me so well) that was like ‘you can’t even commit to one piece of art.” lol. :)

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