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Pür Minerals CC Cream.


My love for cc and bb creams makes it hard for me to really commit to one. I definitely have ones I love and ones that I don’t like. I really love it, though, when I get a nice sample size of one to try instead of shelling out for the full bottle (when I may not like it). So yes- this is another review about a cc cream. I’ll have to do a full comparison sheet with all the different ones and compare them side by side.

Pür Minerals CC Cream was a pleasant discovery that I received in sample size with one of my full-size orders (in their mystery pack – which is an awesome idea). It has a broad spectrum coverage of SPF 40- which is absolutely nothing to sneeze at. Plus it is silicone-free which is wonderful. I received it in the light shade- which honestly is just a smidge lighter than my skin tone (which really shocked me). I know from a quick stop at Ulta that the medium is far to dark for me. This is not a huge issue for me though- I love the look of pale skin, dark hair, and blue eyes ( I don’t have true blue eyes though… just a disclaimer there) and the shade is close enough that it doesn’t look off.

A really nice feature about this cc cream compared to the others I have review so far- is that this one offers a bit more coverage, but still feels fairly light which I loved. Although (and this is just a personal thing) I had a hard time bringing myself to completely covering my face with it- I thought I looked like I had more makeup on than I’m used to which wasn’t my favorite- so I mainly used it create a bit of a contoured look (I’m not great at contouring… and do it very very minimally). I put in on the bridge of my nose connecting up to the middle and top of my forehead, the apples of my cheeks to under my eyes, right underneath my nose (above my lip), and on that top little part of your chin that lines up with my nose. Overall I think that contouring a lot makes me looks all covered up with makeup- but since this cc cream is a bit lighter than my skin tone I use it to highlight as a really subtle way to contour.

Another note- I still used my Yes to Grapefruit CC Cream first. That particular cc cream is very moisturizing I feel like- so I put it on right after I cleanse and put on toner (then I blow dry my hair so it has time to sink in- like I do with my other moisturizers). Pür Minerals CC Cream is not as moisturizing for me- if I put it on without putting on some sort of moisturizer before I would get that dreaded dry, flaky look which I found disappointing. It did work great paired with my Yes to Grapefruit CC Cream which has a bit lighter coverage- so it was really nice to have the extra coverage for those days I need just a bit more.

To sum it up- this was overall a good CC Cream especially when paired with a nice moisturizer- I can’t call it great as I found it to not be very moisturizing. It does have great coverage for a cc cream though which I found to be pleasantly surprising. Though it didn’t match my skin tone exactly- I was able to make itwork and didn’t find that to be a huge turn off. What I do find to be kind of a turn off in addition with these other things is the price. It is definitely a pricer cc cream- that just wasn’t great enough for me to justify the price.

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S H O P  |  Pür Minerals CC Cream : $38

*please note- I did not receive any compensation for the review of this product.*

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