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Halloween Freebie Collection.

Sigh… I’ve been swamped  and totally preoccupied with things other than Halloween. I just barely started thinking about whether my hubby and I would have some sort of costumes planned (we usually do a couples costume of some sort) as I started planning my costume blog post.

My handsome hubby is into the idea of hosting a Halloween party of some sort though… and we are looking at it only being a week away and I’m a bit panicked that he’ll ask a bunch of people over and possibly forget to mention it. So I’m trying to prepare myself- I haven’t had time to design my own Halloween decor BUT the wonderful internet and its incredible community of bloggers make my panic a little because everyone has amazing and incredible and FREE downloadable printables to help save my skin. :D

So I thought… if I have this issue maybe some of you do too. Shrug. So here are some of my favorite downloadable freebies for a Halloween party that I have discovered! :D

designisyay_halloweenfreebie fellowfellow_halloweenfreebie eighteen25_halloweenfreebie lovevdesign_halloweenfreebie almostmakesperfect_halloweenfreebie mintedstrawberry_halloweenfreebie

ONE // trick or treat box via design is yay

TWO // spook pops via fellow fellow

THREE // mad laboratory via eighteen 25

FOUR // party invitation via love vs. design

FIVE // trick or treat bags via almost makes perfect

SIX // cupcake toppers via minted strawberry

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