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Easy Halloween Costumes.

I don’t like spending a lot on costumes… and buying a pre-made cheap costume from a costume store seems really silly to me. I don’t mind a cheap prop or two to complete an outfit, but for the most part I prefer to be able to find stuff that I can reuse in my everyday closet. I like to try to create a costume with pieces I already have in my closet- or if I feel like purchasing new piece I try to stick to my own personal style. For examples I have gathered three different types of costumes that fit different styles… whether you like clean lines and simple colors, classic and elegant shapes and fits, or the more relaxed and comfortable earthy look.


THE CHIC MIME  // Striped tees and colored jeans are very popular now… plus loafers are very stylish now. Face paint and cotton gloves are a cheap purchase to add a easy final touch. While no one seems to really like mimes… they definitely offer a chic and easily reusable halloween costume for those that love the black and white look in their everyday wardrobe.

SHOP  // 1. The Beret . $6.80  /  2. Black & White Striped Shirt . $41.67  /  3. Cotton Gloves . $5.79  /  4. Suspenders . $14.00  /  5. Black Skinnies . $29.99  /  6. Face Paint . $1.99 (x2)  /  7. Modern Loafers . $39.95



CLASSIC MADMEN  // Step into the glamour of the oh-so-popular MadMen era- button-down dresses with a shirt collar have become increasingly popular and are a classic piece to have in your wardrobe- just add a broach and some classy mary-jane heals to add that era-finishing touch. You can even find fake cigarettes for the extra touch (without the dangers of lung cancer). I would throw on a cardigan for warmth sake on these cold October nights- but that is definitely an optional piece.

SHOP  // 1. Necklace . $11.99  /  2. Cardigan . $19.99  /  3. Broach or Pin* . $16.99  /  4. Classy Collared Dress . $44.99  /  5. Fake Cigarettes . $2.99  /  6. Healed Mary Janes . $34.99



BOHO LUMBER JACK  // Plaid flannel shirts and ripped up jeans are oh-so-comfortable and definitely easily to find these days (in stores and probably in your closet?). Plus- cute boots that lace up like work boots are particularly popular right now. All you need to complete the look is a fake beard and an axe to carry around. Cute and easy.

SHOP  // 1. Fake Axe . $15.99  /  2. Flannel Shirt . $45.80  /  3. Handmade Fake Beard . $8.50  /  4. Ripped and Worn Skinnies . $49.95  /  5. Red Beanie . $2.80  /  6. Lace Up Boots . $59.95

*please note- I did not receive any compensation for featuring these products.*

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