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I love sticky notes… I use them to write out all my todo lists. I’m pretty sure I’m not really alone in that though.

I like to keep my todo lists as orderly as possible- so a while ago I started printing on my sticky notes so that I had ruled lines to write on (I know I know silly huh?) and helped me organize my to do lists by which day of the week they need to be done and then if they don’t really have a pressing due date.

I thought I might share with you my printables for my stickable organizable sticky notes. :)


It is quite simple to use them! :)

S T E P  O N E :
Print out the pages without any sticky notes on it- these will act as your guide.

S T E P  T W O :
Place your sticky notes in the doted lines on your printed sheets- press firmly so they are as flat as possible. If they lift up too much they can rip while going through the printer.

S T E P  T H R E E :
Before you do any else now- you need to check your printer for which way the paper needs to be fed into the printer (if you already know what you are doing with your printer you can skip this step). Somewhere on the paper tray you need to look for one of two icons- the icon will tell you which way you need to put your sheets back into the printer.


S T E P  F O U R :
Now you simply print out the pages again – this time with the sticky notes in place and voila! Printable stickable to do lists! :)

stickable_printable_circles stickable_printable_chevrons stickable_printable_banners

I have three different styles that you can choose from- circles, chevrons, and banners. Simple, but I think they are still cute and effective. You may choose just one- or download them all if you would like. :)

stickable_printable_example1 stickable_printable_example2 stickable_printable_example3




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