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Festival Italiano.


I love our new home… and last weekend was one of those ‘this place is awesome’ moments… about two minutes walking distance from our condo is the city center of Lakewood (which is called Belmar). It is this nice little outdoor mall with a ton of shops and restaurants, plus the biggest WholeFoods in Colorado, Target, Hobby Lobby, DSW, a gym… even our bank. Pretty much EVERYTHING we need we can very easily walk too (in fact it would take longer to get in our car and drive over and park than it would be to walk). :)

This last weekend was the Festival Italiano! They shut down the streets, hang up flags from Italy, and set up booth after booth of delicious italian food, amazing wine, and beautiful goods. :) They also bring in flag throwers from Italy and mimes and artists that create the most beautiful things on the sidewalks… oh and there are cooking demos and live concerts. It was just a lot of fun. My handsome hubby was on cloud nine… he loves all food that is Italian. :)

festivalitaliano2 festivalitaliano7

(You can actually see our condo from this picture- no joke. Our condo is the main one in the back- the tan building with all the windows… that’s us!)

festivalitaliano1 festivalitaliano3 festivalitaliano4 festivalitaliano5 festivalitaliano8 festivalitaliano9

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