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Wood & Brick. Ukraine Penthouse.


I’m tending to see a pretty strong theme amongst the things that I love when it comes to decor these days… brick and wood. Lots and lots of brick and wood seem to really make me drool.

How gorgeous is this penthouse in the Ukraine– all brick and wood and natural light and beautiful. I have every intention of figuring out how to add brick to our new condo (there is already wood) during the time that we are there (which should hopefully be several years). Our new condo just kind begs for it I think… although maybe its just my obsession with brick and wood that makes me think that?

This amazing penthouse was designed by an architecture firm in RussiaMakhno Workshop founded by Sergey Makhno (find more about them after the stunning photos).

2012_0723_0010_kitchen2 2012_0723_0009_kitchen3

Love this photo – I love how the same wood from the floor follow up one of the walls separated by the white cabinets from the brick wall in the kitchen. Plus those giant light fixtures lovely, just lovely.

2012_0723_0008_reading 2012_0723_0012_living2 2012_0723_0007_outdoors1 2012_0723_0006_outdoors2 2012_0723_0004_hallway 2012_0723_0005_living 2012_0723_0003_bedroom1 2012_0723_0002_bedroom2 2012_0723_0013_closet

Ooooh… just look at this closet. A little bit heavenly I think.

2012_0723_0000_bathroom2 2012_0723_0001_bathroom1

Sergey Makhno – is an artist, architect, designer, workshop project manager. Graduated from Kiev National University of Building and Architecture as well as from Academic School of Design (Moscow).

His career as a designer is not an ordinary one. In his early childhood Sergey showed interest to design work, however, he started his career as a trainer of KioKushinkay karate and grew to professional writer and designer of Author’s furniture. In 1999 he founded “Makhno workshop”.

Then it was a desire of one man, now with Sergei works big, talented team. ” Being a leader – it’s always  big responsibility and aspiration to high goals. I love what I do and with my team we can embody projects of any complexity. I’m always in progress, striving forward, because I want my clients to have special homes, restaurants and offices… ”  Sergei Makhno

Sergey believes that his imaginative vision is a combination of contradictory backgrounds and creation of artistic mixes from seemingly incompatible things. He prefers visiting  world’s design exhibitions and immersion  into antique shops  rather than any vocation.

Sergei may come up with an invention and create not only well-forgotten old things but also new ones never thought of before. Apart from interiors, he designs original furniture, tableware, light. Sergei’s works are published in world’s best design and architecture editions (ELLE DECORATION, FRAME, BOB, SALON, etc.). Last year  workshop’s projects  were published in three international design books  – Sergey Makhno // About Us

via Sergey Makhno

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