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FEED USA + Target.

I make no plans to dive very deep into the topic because it gets unwieldy and can sound a little “soap-boxy” – but I try to be a conscious consumer which is pretty difficult this day and age. I try though. So when a favorite store of mine promotes that idea of conscious consumerism- I always take interest.  Target has partnered with the organization FEED USA to help hunger here in America. They are now carrying a line of products that – when purchased supply meals to those in need. Pretty cool idea I think.


I think it is wonderful when giant corporations do even a little bit to help out those in need. I know I have heard arguments about the companies doing it only for marketing purposes and I suppose I’m okay with that on a certain level. Just as long as they are doing what they say they’re doing than I feel that I would rather them use the good act to garner attention that do absolutely nothing at all (now… if they were NOT doing what they were saying they were doing, that’s a whole different story). Sure this isn’t completely perfect for me- I would prefer the goods they were making to be made here in the USA, but overall I still think it is a good step in the right direction.

Anyway! I’ve gathered some of my favorite products that I have found to share with all of you (and I’ve listed the number of meals each product will provide). Check them out!

FEED_USA_feature1 FEED_USA_feature2 FEED_USA_feature3


In Order Left to Right  //
iPad Case  .  Planner  .  Women’s Chambray  .  Men’s Chambray
Women’s Tee  .  Men’s Tee  .  Women’s Crossbody Bag  .  Men’s Messenger Bag
Blanket  .  Apron  .  Reusable Market Bag  .  Water Bottle

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