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Scandinavian Condo


I have a cute little scandinavian condo to share with you. Overall I love the feel of scandinavian design– but I have a little bit of a hard time really settling into a lot of white. I love feeling surrounded by color. I do though- really like getting inspiration from scandinavian design with the simplicity and cleanliness. I want that simplicity in my home- but with a bit more color. :)

What do you think? There are beautiful photos after the jump. :)

2013_0702_0001_hallway 2013_0702_0003_hallway2 2013_0702_0008_living_room3 2013_0702_0011_living_room2  2013_0702_0010_balcony 2013_0702_0009_balcony2 2013_0702_0001_balcony3 2013_0702_0013_kitchen2 2013_0702_0015_kitchen 2013_0702_0000_kitchen2 2013_0702_0016_dining_kitchen 2013_0702_0012_dining2 2013_0702_0014_dining 2013_0702_0002_master2 2013_0702_0003_master 2013_0702_0004_master3 2013_0702_0002_closet 2013_0702_0004_office2 2013_0702_0005_office 2013_0702_0006_bedroom2 2013_0702_0007_bedroom 2013_0702_0000_bathroom

photos from : Alvhem Makleri & Interior (from what I could tell- this condo is for sale!)

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