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Just Some Faith. And Perseverance.


It was a unanimous vote in our favor… unanimous! Now the pet limit is no longer keeping us from moving forward on our new condo. :D

Ultimately, the story is that letting go of stress and worry and taking a little bit of action can go a long way. Last week on Wednesday, I was sobbing on my husband’s shoulder over a home that seemed lost. I had a hard time thinking straight. I was mad and heartbroken and exhausted.

Then I let it go.

I have never really been very good at that- letting things go. I do quite the opposite actually- I hold onto things so tightly I go white in the knuckles. This is a situation where I feel like I am moving forward and growing up a bit. All weekend my hubby and I sat with little knowledge as too what our future held in terms of where we would be living in a few months, but I felt no stress over it. It didn’t keep me up at night at all this weekend. When I woke up this morning- I felt no anxiety over what the day would bring (I was a little upset over something completely unrelated… but I’ll talk about that later… as in not today).

My entire childhood I sat through Sunday School lessons and sermons that talked about casting your cares upon the Lord and to not worry about what tomorrow would bring. I know this verse in Matthew that talks about the fact that worrying will not add a single hour to our lives. I’ll be honest with you- I have never fully grasped the concept… I have never been able to hold onto a spirit of peace and leave my worries in the Lord’s hands. This past week though I just let it go and too in one step at a time and one prayer at a time.

I’m not saying you should just hold up your hands and say “Okay- You do your thing Lord. I’ll just sit here and wait for you to do everything. Make me prosperous and happy and healthy.” In fact I think its quite the opposite. When my hubby and I first heard about the pet limit we thought we had hit a deal breaking wall and that there was nothing we could do. Our realtor told us it was unlikely that the HOA would accept an appeal. Then we found out it was ran by a Board of Directors instead of a separate (much larger) management company – which made our chances a little bit more likely. So we did something about it. We wrote a letter- sent it off to the Board of Directors and said “Lord, this is all in Your hands. It has always been in Your hands.” Then we let it go and patiently waited.

That is what I think the Lord means when he says do not worry. We are suppose to participate in our lives and trust Him to handle those things we can’t control. I think step by step I’ll get better at letting go of those things I can’t control.

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