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When One Sentence Ruins Everything


I’m not going to lie to you… I almost didn’t post about this. I had a rough night last night.

We received the HOA documentation from the condo complex- and I’ll be honest with you, I had this feeling that the fact that we have three pets would cause an issue. I could just feel it- the whole women’s intuition thing maybe? The condo has a pet restriction of two (2) pets. We were going to loose this amazing condo (and perfect location) because the HOA had decided that more than two pets were allowed per unit. I don’t know how to explain to you the feeling I felt as I read that sentence in the HOA document.

Suddenly nothing.

All of the plans that we had made in the crazy and exciting moment when we so very unexpectedly won the contract, they were gone. I know it is just a house… a roof over our head- but it was a devastating moment. I sobbed into my husband’s shoulder after he called our realtor and learned there was very little that we could do. I don’t want to sound melodramatic- I was just a little heartbroken. Everything had been working so well and something so little was making everything crash down.

Sigh. So deep breath- and some praying and sleep. I feel better- this condo is not my happiness. This condo is only that. We are going to try to petition the board to make an exception and possibly we may be able to keep the condo (because we cannot give up our pets). If the board doesn’t allow for the exception- we’ll find something else. :) We will probably have to stay longer at our apartment which I am okay with that. This is just a house- this is not my happiness. Will I be ecstatic if we get the condo? Absolutely. Will I be okay and settle back into my lovely current apartment. Yes, of course. I’m determined to be balanced and happy and calm either way. :)

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