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Just Wink! for Father’s Day.

I’m sharing a personal favorite app of mine today. Since tomorrow is Father’s Day and just in case you may have forgotten about your sweet father- this is the app for you. :) Or if you like being able to send cards to people via your phone. :) You don’t have to be unprepared to like this app.

JustWink has some super fun cards with a wide range of ‘tones’ to pick from- sweet and nice, funny and ridiculous, or even a little raunchy (maybe the father you are sending your card to is your husband… not your actual dad. see there’s a need for that). ; ) Plus, they have a pretty fun and over the top marketing scheme (via the video above).


Anyway- you should check them out! The app is free- so your Father’s Day card might not even cost you a penny. :)



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