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Catching Fire

And… I couldn’t just NOT post this. I believe it horribly unfair how long they are making everyone wait for Catching Fire. Think about it… the first movie came to theaters a year ago. I kind of feel like pouting and acting like I’m two, but I think I shall just be happy the trailer came out.

I’ll be so completely and totally honest with you… Catching Fire and Mockingjay make me nervous to see in theaters. There are some parts that I don’t want to see (I won’t post spoilers)… I don’t want to reread them and I don’t want them to happen, so I’m anxious for them to happen. On the other hand- I’m very excited to see the movies overall and to see the actors depict the characters in these rough situations. I love the cast for the movie (which is nice since I was pretty unhappy over the whole Twilight cast… but what can you do? At least those movies are over right? We don’t have to hear about them or sit through them anymore).

I love the way Time : Entertainment described the trailer :

The clip won’t have many surprises for dedicated Hunger Games fans, since we all know what happens in the book, but there’s still lots to look at: some great outfits on Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks), some super-creepy conversation between President Snow (Donald Sutherland) and Plutarch Heavensbee (Philip Seymour Hoffman), some rebellion brewing, some serious darkness and violence, some Girl on Fire, some actual fire, some Prim getting ready to fight, some kissing…and those four whistled notes to tie it all together. Read their entire article.

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