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An American Gardener

We are Clyde Oak from Clyde Oak on Vimeo.

Have you ever been struck by something that startled you a little bit? I saw this video and felt a strong longing owning landing and growing my own food. It is a lovely idea don’t you think?

The discovery of this video came from The Fresh Exchange which is a favorite blog of mine who spoke of some pretty inspiring and lovely things happening for Clyde Oak. With references to an full e-commerce site and a video like this my interest is peaked. Their shop will definitely be a place worth visiting.

The fact that this video grabbed my attention so was a little startling to me – I’m not much of a ‘rugged’ girl. I like my indoor plumbing and electricity with internet and internet service. I am not incapable of living without those things mind you. When I was growing up, every summer my family packed up our necessities (which did not include computers and cellphones as there was no cellphone and internet services and the electricity was a little dodgy) and lived for a month in a summer camp for kids where we worked as staff. There was very little running water for just the showers and sinks- we only had outhouses (yep outhouses). We existed pretty much with no environmental foot print with no paper products and all of our electricity came from a generator. The truth of the matter is that I rather enjoyed it- I believe the experience quite amazing for me growing up.

On the same hand I’m rather fond of my work which requires quite a bit of electricity and a computer. Also I’m a big fan of having access to the world through my small phone that fits into my pocket. But I do find the idea of mixing the two lifestyles to be incredibly appealing- combining the conveniences of the modern world with the simplicity of really owning and loving your land.

Maybe that translates for me into working to simplify my life a little (is was in fact a new years resolution of mine) and possibly owning my own little garden of vegetables. Maybe not quite a garden but something else- I’m open for options.

lovely sources : The Fresh Exchange & Clyde Oak

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