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Trekking through a Blizzard


My hubby and I woke up this morning to a blizzard outside. I don’t know how many inches we have now- but I think the forecast predicted at least eight inches which I think has been surpassed at this point. I’m not sure exactly why we decided to do this- but we were hungry and didn’t have any french toast (which my hubby was craving) so we bundled up and decided to walk to a little breakfast place (Cafe Terracotta) that we love.

It was so cold. The snow was up to the top of my boots in certain spots- which is about fourteen inches. The snow was around ten inches tall everywhere else though. I wore my sunglasses to ward keep the snow out of my eyes and the snow stuck to the fur around my hood and on my scarf. Brr…

Breakfast was amazing by the way and it was particularly fun to trek through the snow when we were the only ones out and about. :)

afterthetrek thecrazycouple

The snow can really mess with whatever hair style I have created for the day – my hubby loved these pictures and thought I should show them off. lol. Removing all our extra layers of wet outer clothes felt pretty good and we warmed up some with some hot chocolate and we are now watching some old episodes of MythBusters. :D


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