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I love music. But I grew up in a tiny town and didn’t really get to experience going to concerts until I left for Denver. So concerts always feel like a treat and I always get (way to) excited about ones that are into coming to town. On a particularly bright side- I have a habit of finding and liking somewhat obscure bands so the concerts I want to go are usually small and cheap and rarely ever sell out (but show actually completely sold out! woah). Although, as a draw back its a little on the difficult side to find people who want to come with me to these concerts (except for my husband).

Anyway- yesterday I went to pretty amazing concert! My husband was out of town still yesterday so I had to find a buddy who was okay going to a obscure concert with me (I don’t like going to concerts by myself). I did though and the concert was awesome. I’m a little tired and it super super snowy last night so it was a little intense getting there… but it was awesome. :D

Have any of you heard of A Silent Film? Or Royal Teeth? Or even Gold Fields? A Silent Film is my favorite of the whole group really. I have a video for you from A Silent Film- its their newest release. Check them out and the other bands! :D



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