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Putting a Little Thought into Life


I don’t usually like or use day planners, but I have started blogging more and my life has seemed to have become a lot more busy. I found this lovely planner at Target about a month ago (and it caught my eye it was so cute and simple… it just called to me!) and decided to try and plan out my thoughts and ideas for blogging.

So far it has been a huge success- I was also so stressed when I was first blogging trying to figure out what to blog about and what to say. I have been able to plan out my posts a least a week in advance now which has lifted off the majority of my stress. I used to stare at my computer after I got home from work and realize that I had nothing to say and I hadn’t posted anything in a couple days.

The new planner has also helped me think through some ideas beyond just blogging to add to my site and even though I have already gone through an entire name and design change very recently I’m excitedly working on some other projects to add onto the blog. :) All because I have taken a little time and thought through what I want to do. All because I made a weird impulse purchase over a cute little planner. I couldn’t be happier (although I don’t usually think impulse purchases are the best idea). :D

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