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I had a hard weekend emotionally. I feel almost overwhelmingly drained from it. I don’t think the details are really all that necessary- I just seem to struggle with one particular area in my life and it messes with my perception. It makes me feel alone and like an outcast in this life that I have built here. Through it all though there were these really wonderful moments with friends from church and particularly bright moments with my hubby that made me think of this song.

There will always be struggles and demons in my life, whether I am able to conquer this particular one in my life or not. There will always be something. There will always be a reason to be upset and lonesome and to feel lost- but there are always beautiful bright things in your life too. They make it worth settling down and send roots deep into the soil around you – they’re worth investing yourself wholeheartedly.

Song: Home by Phillip Phillips

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