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we may all be wrong

With all the lovely political stuff floating around EVERYWHERE… I didn’t want to act like I am oblivious to the world around me (believe me I feel like I’m drowning in political commentary – and have been trying to escape it in my peaceful blog), but I have no intention of really participating in the conversation in a way that says one way is wrong and the other is right. Or that one man is the salvation of the country and the other is the doom.

I found this quote on Pinterest and felt like it spoke to the craziness of the election and had to share it. Now go vote, participate in the rights of our country, but remember that perspective changes things and everyone has a perspective. If all you do those is scream your opinion at the top of you lungs, you will hear absolutely no one else and everyone will stop listening to you.

p.s. In case you were wondering – yes, I have heeded my own advice and I have already mailed in my vote, but no, I have absolutely no motivation or desire to tell you who I voted for.

the lovely source: by torrie t. asai // a beautiful line from a correspondence letter written by H. G. Wells (via:www.lettersofnote…)

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