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my sick movies

So I completely forgot to weigh myself today- I was at the doctor (yep- again) today though and when I stepped on the scale it said 135 lbs and that’s pretty good considering that I was still fully clothed with my huge scarf and shoes still on. I’m not too worried about my weight right at this moment.

Anyway… last week I mentioned I woke up with what I thought was an infection and went to the doctor to get it checked out. Well let’s just say I have had a rough week- because the ‘negative’ results the first doctor got was… not right. So I’ve been miserable for about a week now and had a little bit of a rough experience with the front office. Thus… I went to a new doctor today and got a very very positive test result and was given some medicine. I was then told to come back in a week to make sure it clears up. Sigh. I’m feeling kind of miserable.

Anyway- I’m hanging out on the couch… pulling out my sick movies. These are my top four.


I like how its a little weird and quirky- but tells a real and sweet story about a girl growing up a little. Plus… I find it to be hilarious and still touching.







We Bought a Zoo

This movie could quite possibly be my favorite movie ever. I love the story and the message and the music and the youngest daughter sooo much. I’m not much of an animal person – but this movie makes me want to be a zoo keeper.






Pride & Prejudice

I know… this is my typical girly one. I like this version the best cause it doesn’t take me a lifetime to watch it. Plus- Matthew Macfadyen is nice to look at. :) It’s a classic romantic period movie that makes me feel better.








And… here is my Disney movie (it was between this and Beauty and the Beast… such a hard choice). Is it bad that I cry at this movie (just so we’re clear I don’t cry until the end… just so we are clear)? Ugh. I’m a such a girl. I took my baby sister to see this movie for her birthday when it was in theaters. It is a really sweet memory for me.

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