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my little bright nest

I found a wonderful new site. :) I haven’t used it long- but I love the design and the idea. I thought I would share this little find. It is called BrightNest. Its an place to keep track of all of your “honey-do” lists, general chores, and find advice for home care. I know a little of what you are saying though- a place to remind me of all the things to do around my house- bleck! I totally understand- but it gives you easy step-by-step instructions, related articles, and gives you an estimated time limit.

I don’t know about you- but I always feel like I’m a little unsure about the best ways to clean what and what to clean when so this is the perfect site! Plus… plus they have this amazing feature that lets you store all of your  appliances and manuals online – no more opening a new appliance and not having ANY idea what to do with all the manuals that come with them! I’m sooooo excited about that feature. :D

I have attached some screen shots.


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