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Happy Thursday. I’m pretty excited that tomorrow is Friday- I have had a lot of things to get done in a rather short period of time at work. I’m muscling through it though… and can’t wait for the weekend. Bring it on.

I’m also very excited to post my new weigh in numbers. I am finally out of the ‘overweight’ category! (I mean I’m barely in the ‘normal range‘ but I am officially in the ‘normal range’ woohoo!) I posted the BMI chart again too so everyone can see it again too… cause I’m so excited I’m normal.

I don’t have much to say about it. I’m exercising a little and eating crazy well… so many vegetables and so much fruit. I’m craving some bread a little… I might add bread back into my diet shortly cause I’m craving it so much (just in super small portions).

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