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Like corny post titles? Sorry. Anyway! I love thrift store shopping (when I’m in the right mood though). Here are my most recent thrift store finds for a total of $20 spent!

I have to have quite a bit of time and energy since thrift stores can often feel overwhelming (without the proper amount of time and energy). I think thrift store shopping is economical and environmental (whichever really makes your more excited is up to you). I do have to be careful though- I can just buy stuff I don’t need that will just sit in my closet… cluttering up my limited space and giving my husband ammunition to say “but you have so many shirts.” So I have a few tips that I keep in mind when I go thrift store shopping.

1. Bring a Friend

Having someone else’s opinion is alway nice when you’re shifting through racks of clothes (or other items!). I try to bring someone frugal and honest with me so as not to feel pressure to purchase things that don’t look great.

2. Bring Cash

Always always bring cash so you can’t spend more than you planned to spend. Those cheap prices can often make you stop doing math because everything is “just $3!” and before you know it… those ten or so $3 tops have added up.

3. Be Selective

You don’t have to look at every item- Look at the ones that their fabrics jump out at you (whether its color or pattern or even texture). You REALLY don’t have to look at every single item- that mentality will just exhaust you.

4. Be Prepared

If you’re looking for a specific style or look- print out pictures or put them on your phone so you can refer back to them. Only look at items that you need (if you only need pants- don’t stray from the pant racks).

5. Be Critical

Be critical of all the pieces you pick up (are there holes or loose threads?) and be honest with yourself (are you really going to wear a shirt with a stain on it?) and don’t bend or budge just because its cheap (if its not comfortable or flattering or stain free you probably won’t wear it… so that would just be $3 wasted!).

Are you a thrift store shopper? Any tips of your own (other than always wash those clothes before wearing them!)?

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  • Avatar
    May 15, 2012 at 6:56 pm

    Excellent tips honey… if you keep yourself focused then you are less likely to get overwhelmed in the bigger stores as well. Just went to one in Michigan and it was SO large that seriously I was getting a headache just thinking of where to look first. I didn’t have a plan and I should have.

    • unmasked
      May 15, 2012 at 7:44 pm

      I know. I have to repeat mantras in my head when I walk into thrift stores “you don’t have to look at everything… you don’t have to look at everything” cause I can get overwhelmed too. I have definitely found my most successful trips were my most critical, frugal, and prepared trips. :)

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