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I have another very cool discovery to share… About three weeks ago I had to go in for my annual eye exam (where I discovered I had been wearing to strong a perscription in my contacts- odd) and I was rather shocked to see the price tag for a new pair of glasses. I was being quote a starting price of $400 for a new pair of glasses! My insurance just didn’t cover that (my insurance barely covered my contacts… let alone $400 glasses).

So I set out in search for a cheaper way to get some glasses… and stumbled across Warby Parker. They’re glasses are $95 (for the frames and the lenses… and everything!). Then on top of that they do a virtual try-on where you upload your photo and ‘virtually’ try on their glasses (which I discovered on a couple sites so it wasn’t super exciting). The real kicker (other than the amazing price) is that they have this program call the ‘Home Try-On Program’ and it is just that- you pick out five frames you think you like which they then send to you (for free) to try on at home for five days. Plus… (i know it keeps getting better) if you buy a pair after trying them on (which they don’t pressure you to buy if you don’t like any of the five they sent you) they will give a pair of glasses to someone in need. Very cool.

So I tried it out… and I received my free Home Try-On Kit today. :D

So I’m thinking it might be hard to really tell a difference between all of them here online… but I’m going to show you my five anyway. My handsome hubby does not like carlen (2) or finn (5), and I just really don’t care for finn (5). I like the dark green stripes on the carlen (2) and the matte finish to langston (3) which are both unique, but I’m super torn between the first four. They’re light and don’t slide down my nose like my current glasses do. Plus they’re so cute (and I haven’t paid a penny yet so far)! Tell me what you think!

1. leigh – burgundy fade  |  2. carlen – striped evergreen  |  3. langston – whiskey tortoise matte  |  4. nedwin – revolver black crystal  |  5. finn – amber 

**Please note that I did not receive any reimbursement or product for this feature- I will always disclose if and when I do.**

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