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My handsome hubby and I are trying to enjoy life more. We have discovered it’s a little easier to enjoy life more when we are actively doing things- not just sitting on our couch watching tv or playing Mario (I’m a Super Mario Bros Wii junkie). So we are getting out of the house seeing sites, experiencing things, and just trying to build memories. That’s a beautiful life right? A life full of memories and experiences with the person you love.

We went to the Butterfly Pavilion here in Denver over the weekend and had a wonderful time. Its so hard to not smile when there are hundreds of butterflies flying around your head (plus the super excited children everywhere). Mind you I was not feeling the tarantulas, cockroaches, and scorpions (but they were in glass boxes).

Most of the butterflies had no qualms landing on you which was horrible ticklish- but very cool. They seemed to particularly love Jacob’s hat- several hung out on his hand but he couldn’t get on to landing anywhere else (which he seemed a little sad about). There was one butterfly that landed on me that hung out for a long time- one of the workers had to get him off for me cause he didn’t feel like moving at all. :)

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