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a short history of the world

Hmm… No I’m not going to give you a short history of the world. I’m going to read it myself. One of the goals for 2012 was to read at least four new books (goal #3) which in all honesty is not really a challenge for me. I love to read- but I tend to only read things that I think will be interesting or entertaining (while my handsome husband reads to learn and grow). While reading to be entertain isn’t bad, I want to start “bettering” myself… so I am trying to stretch myself and grow.

I love history… I love to learn how things piece together and flow from event to event. Nothing goes without a cause and an effect…. I mean that just doesn’t happen. I have never sat down and read a history book really- I tend to just watch tv shows and remember things from high school (and the very few history classes I had to take at art school). So I’m trying to stretch myself… so I looked for a highly rated “overall history” book on amazon and then I ordered it.

I found A Short History of the World by H.G. Wells (yeah I know… I thought he just wrote fiction too). The books has not arrived yet… and I’m worried I will struggle reading it (I have a problem getting through books that don’t enthrall me). I wanted everyone to know I am planning to read it- so I can be held accountable. I will of course let you know if I recommend it or not too. :)

Oh – and as a disclaimer… I do not in anyway own this book or image. Its all the publishing companies and H.G. Wells’ property. I’m just writing about it.

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