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the vow

I went to see The Vow to day with a friend. :) It was cute- not completely what I expected, but cute. I was strangely reminded a couple times of my relationship with my husband several times through the movie.

For example- at one point in the movie Leo (the hero) brings Paige (the heroine) cold medicine and thoughtful gives one day while she is sick at work… which my handsome husband did for me while we were engaged. :) He left a bag with cold medicine, decongestant, cough drops, a box of tissues, a muffin, orange juice, parmesan goldfish (my absolute favorite), and a cute little poem. Probably one of my favorite memories so it was pretty fun to see something like that in the movie. :D

I would recommend this movie for a cute date night (valentines is coming up) or a girls night out. It was pretty cute and sweet.

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    February 14, 2012 at 12:23 am

    He is a pretty good guy that son-in-law of mine!

    Also… you inherited that love of Parmesan cheese goldfish crackers! I wonder if it came from the factor that I didn’t always let you have them when you were little? lol

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