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So- it is February. While I know some people have reservations against the dreaded 14th of February, but I like Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to have a “significant other” to enjoy Valentine’s Day. Remember the innocent ole days when we gave valentines to everyone in our class? Celebrate family, friends, and that significant other if you would like too.

So to fight the machine so to speak (you know how people say Valentines Day was only created by large card companies and flower companies to make more money?) I found two wonderful handmade sources for Valentines Day on In fact some of the cards I ordered are among the ones I’m showing you!

*I know its only February 2nd… but if you’re ordering your cards you need to do it sooner than later! :) Just trying to be helpful! :D

**as a disclaimer… these are not my cards. just other’s beautiful work that I stumbled upon and wanted to share. Happy Early Valentine’s Day!**

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    February 3, 2012 at 6:04 pm

    thanks for the ideas.. I don’t check enough! These are wonderful!

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